My name is Pat Costigan from Lawler, Iowa.  In 2011 3 of us purchased a Surrogator brand pheasant/quail raising unit.  We ordered day old chicks to load the Surrogator to raise.  The unit is self contained, to be placed on site where birds are to be released at 4 weeks of age.  In the spring of 2014 I heard about Cedar River pheasants in Nashua, Iowa.  We ordered 3 different batches from there with good results.  Death loss over 4 weeks was equal to or less than our previous supplier which is usually very minimal.  i was impressed with Larry Ohlenforf owner of Cedar river Pheasants with the quality of his operation and his knowledge of raising pheasants.  I plan on ordering again this spring as his prices are very competitive and quality of birds from Cedar River Pheasants is excellent. 

FANTASTIC! Would be the word I would use to describe my experience with Cedar River Pheasants.  Larry and his son worked out all the details with us and met all our needs.    As a member of Franklin County PF we needed 50 roosters for our youth event 7months away.   Talking to Larry I could tell he cared about the experience these new hunters were going to have and what an experience. 

The day of our event the roosters would not be subdued.   We had IDNR giving seminars and a good number of guys who had done many “tame” bird hunts, these are NOT your normal pen raised birds, notice I didn’t say TAME!   After several escapes from birds the guys could not handle they refocused and got these birds placed.   Run, fly, and flush in front!  The whole game of an experience right out of the wild bird dictionary
!   A comment I heard directly from our IDNR representative was, “if there was ever a pen raised bird to survive, these are it.”  Enough said!     - Adam Gardner

I have purchased pheasant stock from Cedar River Pheasants for the past 3 years.  I have worked with Larry Ohlendorf to help develop a plan to reestablish pheasants on my property. I have found him to be knowledgeable and forthwright in producing quality birds.  He is passionate about doing his part to help reestablish the habitat and foster the pheasant population that are all too few. 
Chris N. Schwarck