All chicks are shipped on Monday and Tuesday, Priority Mail Express.

Shipping boxes can be purchased for local or state-to-state.  All sales paperwork will be included as needed.  It is owners responsibility to obtain permits, if needed, in other states for possession of birds. 

Shipping insurance USPS only covers $100.00 each box.  Please let us know if you want more insurance on your order.  Failure to notify prior to shipping will clear Cedar River Pheasants of any liability.

Transport boxesare available for customers to use with started and adult birds with the understanding of immediate return.

Delivery is $1.00/mi. round trip.

Terms:  All orders are prepaid.  Check or cash will be held until orders are picked up.  If orders are not picked up on specified date, all birds are subject to a 50 cent per bird, per week additional charge.