What started out raising a few birds to train my dog, turned into an ever-growing business...

All my broodstock is hand-picked to ensure good offspring that have wilder characteristics, and excellent flying ability that has an explosive nature immediately into flight.  These adult birds are self-sustaining on whole grain and weed seed, not like your everyday pen-raised birds.  Whatever your needs are - whether for dog training, youth hunts, or just your own enjoyment, we will do our best to fill your order.

Hard work and dedication,  and taking pride in my facility has caused a positive outcome on the health and growth of some of the best pheasants in northeast Iowa.

Cedar River Pheasants newest companion.

​​​Shown here is Brad doing whatever it takes to keep things running smooth, today he is blocking out all unwanted birds in the brooder barn.


Randy Woolum


Scott Conley, global tech


Brad Hedrick

Sean Nightingale